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Terms and Conditions

1) Kindly note that upon receiving your orders via e-mail, we would change status of the product to being RESERVED, however, if we do not receive your payment after 5 days, we will remove the reserved status and allow other buyers to have a chance to make the purchase.

2) If a customer choses normal postage, we would not bear any responsibilities for lost of mail. However, we would indicate our return address behind the envelope in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

3) If products sent via normal/registered postage is damaged midway, we are not liable for it and we are sorry that we cannot repay or exchange a new one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)


1) What services do Prettie-Closet provide?

We are aiming to be a "one-stop" service for all ladies goods and services as much as possible. At the moment we are selling hand-made products, imported goods, holding occassional sprees and also providing a new personal overseas shopping experience, POSE services.

Terms & Conditions of sprees are not indicated here as they vary from time to time. They would be stated with each of the sprees. As for POSE services, it is a personalized service so please write in to us at for more information. Generally, we are able to help customer shop for their desired products at the country we are traveling to. This service would commence from July/August'09.

Informations below are for orders directed to prettie-closet's hand-made products and imported goods.

Order Information.

2) How to make an order with Prettie-Closet?

To make an order with Prettie-Closet, kindly send us an e-mail at using the "Prettie-Closet PO format". You may click here to view our preferred format.

3) How can we know of the order status?

We would advise you 1 day before sending out the packages, usually we would take 2-3 days to send out upon receive of payment. You may also e-mail us from time to time to check with us. Sending out of the purchases would only happen when full payment had been received.

4) Can we change or cancel order?

Changing orders - You may change an order as long as it is not sent out to your allocated address yet. As for the differences in price, we can transfer back the money if the alternative is of a lower price. If alternative is of a higher price, we would wait for your transfer before proceeding with the order. Do send us an email to inform us of the amount transferred and the reference number.

For cancellation of orders - Please note that once payment is received or once the stuffs are sent out, there's no cancellation of orders.

5) Do you all have promotions on the products listed?

Yes, we do. From time to time we would have discounts and free gifts! Do check out our website from time to time to get the latest update!

On top of that, we are also coming up with a membership scheme for our regular customers who have a minimum spending of at least SGD 90.00 with us. This would be updated once everything had been finalised. Do stay tune!


6) How do we make payment to Prettie-Closet?

Upon receiving your order, we would sum up the total amount of the purchases and get back to you via e-mail. Kindly transfer the money to our POSB Savings (039-24409-8) or OCBC Savings (128-23-7001) or UOB TX Account (369/375/387/0) or Citibank (058-129-2007) and notify us via email with this format.

You may also choose to pay via paypal, do drop us an e-mail to request for our personal e-mail address for paypal payment to be proceeded. Please note that orders would only be proceeded upon receive of payment.

7) How much does postage and handling costs?

Normal postage and handling costs are already included in the prices (for our instock items only) indicated in our website. As for registered postage, it would be at an addition of SGD 2.20.

8) Do you all send your goods overseas?

Our business is mainly based in Singapore, however if you are very interested in our products, we can consider sending it overseas to you! Or if you need us to send a gift to your friend in overseas, do send us an e-mail at We will check out the postage price based on the weight and get back to you asap.

Meet Up Request.

9) Can we choose to meet up and collect stuffs instead of choosing postage?

We only meet up with customers who have purchase of 40 dollars or more OR very bulky items. We would not be able to meet all customers who request for meet up due to time constrain.

Meet up would also be subjected to staff's availability as we have other commitments to follow. If you choose to do a meet up collection, you would still have to pay us in advance through internet banking/ ATM transfer or paypal.

Our preferred meet up locations are:-
- Bukit Batok
- Bukit Gombak
- Choa Chu Kang
- Jurong East
- Jurong Point
- Orchard Road

Our Products.

10) Can we return or exchange for goods, if damaged or unsatisfied?

If damaged - Please note that we would check the conditions of our products before sending it out. Damaged caused by post would not be our responsibility and we are unable to refund or exchange for you in anyway.

If unsatisfied - At Prettie-Closet, we try our best to satisfy your requirements in term of product quality, design and also in terms of customer service. However if our goods sent over are not to your liking, we are unable to refund or exchange it for you. Therefore, we are unable to make a refund or an exchange for you.

To prevent this from happening, you can request us to e-mail you more pictures of the products in different angles so as to give you a better judgement of our product. All our pictures are taken under best condition and lighting to give a proper projection of how the product looks like.

If still unsatisfied, you can write us an e-mail at to give us some suggestions on how we can improve.

11) Do you guys have a shop somewhere in Singapore?

We do not have a shop in Singapore for the time being.

12) How long would it take to recieve a customised product?

This would depend on the product, in most cases we would need time to sought for the material as well. Therefore in case of customised pouches, it might take up to a week for it to be ready. For a swarovski crystal hp strap, it would take up to 3-4 days.

This would largely depends on the product and the design required. If you are interested, do drop us an e-mail, we would gladly assist and advise you on the prices and also the preparation time.

Gift Services.

13) Does Prettie-Closet provide gift packaging if I want to send a gift to my friend?

Yes, we do. In fact we have different types of gift packaging and gift cards for you to choose from. Only for a low additional charge of SGD 0.40 - SGD 3.00 dollars.

For more information, please visit our Gift Wrapping Services link.

Currently, it is still undergoing updating. Stay tune for latest update on our gift services!

Contact Us.

14) How do we contact staffs of Prettie-Closet?Kindly send an e-mail to and we will respond your e-mail in less than 24 hours. Alternatively, you may add us in MSN at!

15) Are you all related to in anyway?

Yes, we are. In fact we are sister companies and work side by side for ideas to satisfy our customers! Do drop them a visit for personalised and customised earrings!

16) What about

As we have a really soft spot for bags, we started this website to share our love for bags!


Hope you enjoy your online shopping with us!

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