Thursday, May 28, 2009

Personalized Overseas Shopping Experience (POSE)

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New Service!

Want something different??? Get an unique piece from our POSE service!

With a couple of requests on hand for shopping at places that we are not having sprees of. We are offering POSE services to our customers. This means we will try our best to purchase whatever products possible from the country we are going!

This means if we are going to US next month, we will state it in our blog and will collect a limited amount of possible orders and bring it back to Singapore! This also means that you can get brands that are not available in Singapore and purchase brands that are cheaper overseas! This is a personalized service where we will try our best to cater to your buys ... and a
minimal handling charge is collected for this service and this depends on the products etc, so you can write to us @ to find out more!

This service commence from July/August'09, so do check out the website for more updates! We will be indicating the country we are going in our monthly updates.

At the moment, a list of possible traveling places and return dates are listed as below:-

- Hong Kong (December 09)

We will confirm these dates before traveling, so rest assure that this would be updated on the site! We will also suggest some websites that you can checked out. So stay tune for our new POSE service!

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